Aggreko provides 30 MW of power in Peru
02 May 2014

Aggreko provides 30 MW of power in Peru

Cusco, Peru - Aggreko, the world leader in the supply of temporary power and temperature control solutions, is providing 30 MW of power to a hydro site located 3,423 metres above sea level. The project, a first in terms of the amount of power being provided in the country by Aggreko, will provide guaranteed continuous power to the Santa Teresa Hydroelectric site, located in the Cusco region 715 miles from Lima, Peru.

Following a public tender process, Empresa de Generación Electrica Machu Picchu (EGEMSA) awarded the contract to Aggreko based on the rental company’s reputation for excellence in service delivery and value added solutions, providing the customer with significant savings. High altitudes affect generators by reducing their output. The derating results in a production loss of 10% for every 1000 metres of altitude. Aggreko, who designs and manufactures its own equipment, provides a minimum reduction of power at 3,400 metres, with just 10% loss, enabling the customer to achieve significant savings.

“This project has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the value Aggreko is able to offer our customers.  Aside from the fuel cost saving made possible by the advanced technology of our generators operating optimally at high altitudes, we were also able to save the customer time by mobilizing the equipment in just five days, using trailers specially designed for loads of up to 26 tons.  Our team of engineers who will be on site 24/7 are highly experienced and have designed and installed power solutions all around the world." concluded Ana Amicarella, Aggreko Americas Power Projects Managing Director.


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