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Aggreko History

Aggreko was founded in 1962 in the Netherlands.  Over the last 45 years the company has gone from strength to strength. Aggreko also provides energy for the major countries of the region: Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

In 2010, Aggreko entered into the Peruvian Market and 3 months later a new depot was inaugurated in the capital city, Lima.

Aggreko History

1962           Aggreko was established in the Netherlands.

1973           Started activities in the UK, with Headquarters set up in Glasgow, Scotland.

1984           Aggreko became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Salvesen Group

1986           The Company enters the US market through the acquisition of Electric Rental Systems Inc.

1987            Entered the Temperature Control Rental Business with the acquisition of Mobile Air and Pierce Industrial in the US.

1989             Enters into the Asia Pacific region with acquisition of Yeow Kong Electrical Company in Singapore.

1990            Aggreko opened first permanent facility in Middle East

1997            De-merged from the Salvesen Group to become a separately quoted plc on the London Stock Exchange

2001           Aggreko opens its first operation in South America, through Uruguay.

2002         Starts operations in Brazil and opens its first Depot in Macaé.

2003           First Aggreko International Project (AIP) in South America – Venezuela

2004            Aggreko established national and regional customer service centres for the US, UK, South and Central Europe

2006           The Company enters into the Utility Business through the acquisition of Energy Rental Division

2007           New Depots in Santiago, Chile and Campinas, Brazil opened.

2008           Enters into Argentinean Market

2010           A new Depot opens in Buenos Aires. Aggreko played a crucial role supplying the energy for the World Cup in South Africa.

2011          New depots open in Peru and Colombia

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aggreko history

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